Did you know… I love videography? I recently made the leap from being a photographer to a hybrid photographer-videographer! I can shoot hybrid (photo + video) or solo!

|| STYLE: Like my photos, candid moments are my jam. My videos are more playful, organic, and homegrown; not so much like the old classic everything-shot-on-tripod-at-same-angle you see with many video professionals.  Think more “Arrested Development” meets Wes Anderson.

|| INVESTMENT: While hybrid photo/video is no substitute for a full-time videographer, it is still a dope add-on for those of us with daintier budgets!  I make the best of it!

|| MY VIBE: Whether you’re hiring me for hybrid services or plain video, I keep my eye out for those special little moments. I bring a fresh perspective, from what I shoot to how I put it all together!