Welcome to Life in My Lens, officially official since 2006, when I realized that my childhood hobby was actually a passion. So I added a second major on in college (one in Photography, one in American Politics whaaaat), but what am I, and my biz, all about?

Me. || I'm rock and roll. Gritty. Bohemian. Curious. Unlimited. Whimsical. Let's be friends. That's me over there, the short one.

STYLE II Exploratory, experimental, and documentary. Dark and moody vs light and vibrant? I let the scene dictate the edit, which is typically filmy and vintage either way.

I live for candid moments. I'm sneaky. I ninja my way in to these weird body shapes and spaces to get those real moments. Yes, I caught your niece picking her nose at the wedding, and yes, I included it in your gallery, because yes, she's friggin' adorable. 

But more than that, I live for adventure. Come hike with me and we will make magic. When the vibe is right, experimentation begins. Weird lenses, whoozits and whatsits galore (you want thingamabobs? I got twenty. No big deal).



Got questions? Slide me a DM on the Contact page <3