Life in My Lens Photography

Life in My Lens was born to Southern California-based photographer Alexis Vaughn in 2007. Since then, the childhood hobby-turned-business has been capturing lights all around, hearts in love, sounds in motion, raw emotion, the family ties that bond, and the world in perpetual spin. 

As a photographer, I don't sleep well if I don't go back to take that shot that caught my eye. I try and exercise daily-- literally, yes, but especially photographically. My mind and soul live and breathe in photographs-- my own as well as inspirational images others have created. I got my first camera as a youngster, and the love just sprouted from there! I also don't limit myself to the computer screen or the printed page... I am an artist first and foremost and am always looking out for that strike of inspiration.

For Hire

Photography is not always black and white (pun intended)... Every shoot is different, and every client requires something tailor-made to their needs. Below are a few services offered to get you started, while keeping in mind that every event is different and may require any kind of flexibility. Packages start at just $150 for a mini-session! Click here to contact me...

Ready for an adventure? A photographic experience? Services I offer include, but are not limited to:

  • 1-hour photoshoot sessions (babies, families, engagements, boudoir, headshots, graduations, just-for-funs)
  • Half-day band/concert sessions
  • Full-day wedding or special event services
  • Edited, digital images
  • Basic prints for friends, family, and decor
  • Album service
  • Specialty print service (large-format prints, canvas, prints on metal, etc)
  • Home-made album or print services (ask for details)
  • Professional artwork for the home or office

* Up to 50% (of package or shoot price) non-refundable deposit due at time of booking.

* Prices are subject to change at any time.


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My portfolio is ever-expanding. My work has cropped up across the web by anonymous admirers. Although I most often work with friends, families, and local musicians, my work has also snuck into the New York Times and other local publications. I also often perform shoots for the City of Claremont and Scripps College. Now is the time in my life to expand my clientele, and I can't wait to do ever bigger and better shoots.