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Welcome to Life in My Lens! Officially official since 2007, when I realized that my childhood hobby was actually a passion. I'd like to thank the academy (aka, countless classes in middle school, high school, and undergrad), my muses, and the inspirational artists before me!

Me. || Who am I? I'm rock and roll. Gritty. Bohemian. Curious. Unlimited. Whimsical. I'll make you laugh, I'll be your friend. That's me over there, the short one -->

Spirit animal? Leslie Knope AND Ron Swanson. Aura? Sage, olive, copper, sand.

Editing? I let the shoot dictate the style, which is typically filmy and vintage... Whether it gets dark and moody or light and vibrant - that depends on our shoot!

When I'm not shooting? Well, I got me a 9-5 (ok, it's more like a 7-5, really). It pays the bills, and it fulfills the other side of my soul. #hustle.

STYLE II Like my key phrase "Adventure, Honesty, Whimsy." I do it like this:  Exploration. Experimentation. Documentation. Think classics, like Adams and Weston, Capa, Frank, and Winograd, and Dalí-- all of these artists, and more, have helped shape my vision today.

I capture moments candidly and authentically. I'm sneaky. I ninja my way in to these weird body contortions but it's because I love you, dear client. These are memories of your life, and I want you to look back on these photographs and remember that real moment, or experience a moment second-hand through my camera (yes, I caught your niece picking her nose at the wedding, and yes, I included it in your gallery, because yes, she's friggin' adorable). 

Can we do some sort of epic pose on an ocean cliff? Sure. Go out there and I'll get it, but then come back so I can get up close and personal, too. Will I maybe sometimes make you hike an hour with me just so we can get some amaaaaze-balls shoot in the forest? If you're up for it. Time permitting, will I pull out some weird lenses and toys and pieces of whoozits and whatsits galore (you want thingamabobs? I got twenty. No big deal.) so we can get weird and make hella unique imagery? You betcha. Will I sing you The Little Mermaid's and other assorted songs? If you want.

NOT MY STYLE || I am trained in Photoshop, but I am not a magician, nor am I a soulless corporate editor. Bodies are amazing and wonderful things. You look amazing. You do not need me to shave off 20 pounds. The camera did not add 10. I have made a career choice not to manipulate what it is that makes us human. I will not make you skinnier/give you an hourglass figure/give you breast implants/make you taller/wipe off your back fat (ps it's not there, stop worrying about it). I will make you look REAL, so you bring that wonder and charm and we'll make that kinda magic. ONE CAVEAT: If you get a big unicorn horn zit on your wedding day, I've got no problem helping a girl (or guy) out with that. I'll add a little polish, of course.

SIDE NOTE II Any extreme editing absolutely positively needed (like some tattoo you super regret but haven't been able to get removed yet) can be arranged for a per-photo fee. 


Got questions? Slide me a DM on the Contact page <3

For Hire

Photography is not always black and white (pun intended)... Every shoot is different, and every client requires something tailor-made to their needs. Below are a few services offered to get you started, while keeping in mind that every event is different and may require any kind of flexibility. Packages start at just $150 for a mini-session! Click here to contact me...

Ready for an adventure? A photographic experience? Services I offer include, but are not limited to:

  • 1-hour photoshoot sessions (babies, families, engagements, boudoir, headshots, graduations, just-for-funs)
  • Half-day band/concert sessions
  • Full-day wedding or special event services
  • Edited, digital images
  • Basic prints for friends, family, and decor
  • Album service
  • Specialty print service (large-format prints, canvas, prints on metal, etc)
  • Home-made album or print services (ask for details)
  • Professional artwork for the home or office

* Up to 50% (of package or shoot price) non-refundable deposit due at time of booking.

* Prices are subject to change at any time.


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Facebook: Life in My Lens


My portfolio is ever-expanding. My work has cropped up across the web by anonymous admirers. Although I most often work with friends, families, and local musicians, my work has also snuck into the New York Times and other local publications. I also often perform shoots for the City of Claremont and Scripps College. Now is the time in my life to expand my clientele, and I can't wait to do ever bigger and better shoots.