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Hi friends!

I’m super stoked you’re considering Life in My Lens to capture your beautiful face/family/nuptials/event/cool stuff. Give a girl some info so I can put together a custom package just for you!

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Getting hitched? Celebrating? Need some portraits? Give me the vision of your event! Some ideas: How many people? Where? What's the basic timeline--how many hours would ya need me? What's the vibe (i.e. bohemian, rock and roll, classic, glam)? Will there be llamas?
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Event Date
This can be on lock or a guesstimate! Please explain either way in that box up there ^
How much are you squirreling away for media services?
Tell me who is awesome and deserves a high-five or a special prize!

If for whatever reason the contact form does not work properly, you may also send me an email at: !