October 2016 in Review

Yesssss. So, as far as I can decipher right now, I'm about ready to wrap up October 2016. Say whaaaat? Here's the cutest little blog post you ever did see. Lots of iPhone fun ahead!

Here's Fall/Winter's fun fun playlist for your browsing needs. If you can only make it through a quarter of the first song, never fear! You can follow on Spotify for later, or if I remember, I'll post it again later for Nov-Feb. :)

First up, just one of my dogs being the cutest ever.

... When I force my BF to walk all the way back over to where I'm chillin' so I can take a fab photo of his face.

When you get to be pretty much front row (!!!) for The Dear Hunter! Yas!

And lastly, shoot targets, not people (or animals! Sadness! Just saying.) :)

Katie + Chelsea - Retro Ranch, Temecula, California - October 2016

Where do I possibly start to describe the perfection of this wedding? It was a long day, but it absolutely flew by. Everything was just my quirky, retro style. The photo booth chairs are literally the same exact chairs that have been in my living room for 40 years. The weather was blissful. There was so much to see, so much going on, and SO much love! Check it out! Much love to Noelle at Noelle Williams Photography for taking me on this fun journey as her second shooter!

This wedding!!! It was a long day, but it flew by like nothing. Gorgeous venue, perfect couple, amazing friends and family... What more could a second shooter ask for? ;) I got the chance to work with the wonderful Noelle Williams on this gem of a wedding. I took lots of photos, and some video for still grabs/fun. I highly recommend Retro Ranch in Temecula as an event space! Song: Harvest Moon (cover) - Poolside.

A little more music for your visit:

Getting ready:

The little getting ready suites were darling! Come see! More details below, in the details section too, if you're considering this venue :)


Details inside the main house (Jill at Retro Ranch, please feel free to design my whole house and yard, BTW):

Check out the outside, too! <3

First Look:

Family Portraits:

Bridal Portraits:



Cocktail/Juicebox Hour:

Grand Entrance:

Soon after everyone made their grand entrances... There was a surprise guest! And by guest, I mean the USC MARCHING BAND! Much excitement, dancing, and laughter all around <3



Finally, the rest of the reception! It was a long day and many hours passed up to this point, but it flew by like a late summer breeze.

That's a wrap! :)