Year in Review: 2014


Well, 2014 came and went like a butterfly on the breeze. Instead of issuing my regrets about not having done more posts or going on more photographic adventures, I'm taking now to look at what I did accomplish last year and set goals for the rest of this year.

So, here's a look at 2014, month by month:


Got the year started with a pretty nice first "photo a day" off my iPhone

Thought a bit about my life...

Got a puppy. This is Bella.

Got to shoot the cover of a local parks and recreation brochure.

Checked "watching the clouds roll into the mountains from above" off my bucket list.


Completed a less-than-24-hourlong trip to Vegas...

... T'was a pretty fun trip.

Found an airstream in the forest.


After 10 long years, I quit my restaurant job. And met my self-fulfilling paper prophecy.

I took a walk on the edge.

Found a cool cave.

I went underwater.


Had another successful jaunt at Coachella...

And met some amazing people! I love these goofballs.

Watched one of my best friends get married to the girl of his dreams.

Saw some amazing things as the "official" coverage of an Earth Day event...

...And got a new angle on things! 


Photographed young love!

Found a Banksy in LA that's entirely relevant to my art and politics.

Went on an amazing sailing trip.

Hello, Catalina.

Learned the basics of sailing...

I dove right in.

And watch my friends swan dive.


Did a mini engagement shoot for a high school friend...

And got to play with my Petzval lens.

Took a trip out to Joshua Tree for my love's birthday...


Got to play with the Petzval at my friend's gorgeous wedding.

Petzval fun.


Got to do a little engagement session for my friend...!

Found some shoes on one adventure...

...And on another.

...And on another.

Explored the LA Flower District.

Went to a couple music festivals (HARD Summer, FYF)...


Got to explore Balboa Beach with my love.

Spent some time with this wonderful little pumpkin.

Got to watch my love do his thing out in Redlands...

... And explore Pawnee-- I mean Pasadena-- City Hall.

I tinkered with the Petzval while I was out there.


Got October started with a trip to Carpenteria, to check out the Avocado Festival.

I rocked out with my guac out...

... and saw some ripe ass avocados.

Got to shoot a high school friend's wonderful little wedding!

And to cap off October, I met a snail in the rain on All-Hallows' Eve.

November was rather quiet, just a nice little road trip to Vegas to meet up with a friend for her birthday.


And finally,  to cap off the year, I took my first road trip up to San Francisco to celebrate my birthday. Crammed in a whole bunch of touristy sights in a whole not-a-lotta time!

Our hotel!

I had never heard of a Rotten Robbie  store before...

And my last yummy image of my year.

And my last yummy image of my year.

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