Happy Birthday, Otis! 90 Years Young!

Back in March, we celebrated 90 years' worth of a wonderful human being, Otis! Friends and family came out from all over the place, as well as a few sets of special guests from USC - his campers and, and!! The USC marching band. It was a beautiful party!

This was a beautiful celebration for a monumental achievement! Otis, along with his friends and family, celebrated his well-earned 90th birthday down in Laguna Beach. I swear the weather behaved just for his big day! He had a few special groups of guests, including the kids from the camp at USC he helped put into action, and --of course!-- the USC marching band! Otis is a sweet man, with a heart as gold as the USC emblem, and an inspiration to many. :) Song: Dispatch: Only the Wild Ones