October 2016 in Review

Yesssss. So, as far as I can decipher right now, I'm about ready to wrap up October 2016. Say whaaaat? Here's the cutest little blog post you ever did see. Lots of iPhone fun ahead!

Here's Fall/Winter's fun fun playlist for your browsing needs. If you can only make it through a quarter of the first song, never fear! You can follow on Spotify for later, or if I remember, I'll post it again later for Nov-Feb. :)

First up, just one of my dogs being the cutest ever.

... When I force my BF to walk all the way back over to where I'm chillin' so I can take a fab photo of his face.

When you get to be pretty much front row (!!!) for The Dear Hunter! Yas!

And lastly, shoot targets, not people (or animals! Sadness! Just saying.) :)