The Broad, Around Town, and November in Review 2016

Heyo! Doing things a little out of order while I work some kinks out on video production for the November Styled Shoot post. That's ok! Here are a few of November's personal adventures. Enjoy <3

Here's the video about the Broad and my birthday!

Yessiree bob! OMG who even says that anymore? Ok, anyway, here's the Fall Adventures showcase #2! This one features a couple LA adventures with a few of my favorite people. The absolute artistic showcasing perfection that is The Broad is featured, as well as my 29th bday with a couple of the squad up at Angel City Brewing! I had never been before; it's a super cozy venue. :) Song: I did a remix-sorta of Breezeblocks by Alt-J... trippy, ya?

And here's the vid about other Fall adventures, including the LA County Fair, The Dear Hunter at the Glasshouse Pomona, and DTLA for KBBQ. mmmm.

**FAIR WARNING!! Some parts of this adventure vid may be visually violent in the sense of bright, flashing colors and, like, fast movement. So if that gives you the ole jelly legs, proceed cautiously.** Yo! Time for randomized Fall 2017 adventures, part 1. This vid brings ya some goodness around town, the LA County Fair, The Dear Hunter up at The Glasshouse Pomona, and a KBBQ run to DTLA. Yurrrrm. Song: Island by The XX.

Here's that world-famous Fall-Winter slaylist for your eardrums whilst you peruse the visuals:




Even though I was super sick with a high fever and barfies and all that fun jazz, I walked my butt down to the polls to make my voice heard.

Then when I felt better, my mans and I took the metro down to LA for some KBBQ goodness.


The Broad is probably my favorite full-scale museum, ever. It was chock full of just my kind of art: contemporary (mostly mid-century thru 80s) art. Yaaaaassssssss. None of that stuffy stuff other museums boast (which is cool and all, but this was just supreme). Check it!

The journey:

First floor:

Second floor: