ELISA + PETER || Holiday Engagement Session

These cuties!!! They kept my belly well-fed with great food and lots of laughs, too :)

So basically with these two, no matter what you're up to, you're hanging out and laughing. I had to include some of the goofy points of my at-home adventure with these darlings and their kitties. Anyway, this here's a celebration of them, their engagement, and the holidays while we're at it. At this point it's almost xmas in July... Ha! Song: Loud by Coucheron

Ok, maybe like ONE more month of the Fall/Winter playlist before I can retire it and bust out the Spring one. :)  I've been using it a lot, so make sure you really dive in there. Shuffle. Have a blast. hahah

So we got the date started with some fur baby time. Poor kitties were still on tranqs from their travels, so they were a little soggy... But that's ok! We still love them anyway.