January 2017 in Review | NYE, LACMA, etc.

Wow! So, it's already the end of August. Kids are in school already. And I'm juuuust now posting January 2017. Such is life. Here's the earliest of the year's adventures, all rolled into one nice package :)

Just some personal adventures through Winter 2017. Includes: NYE! Cirque du Soleil! LACMA for free museum day! The Natural History Museum! And more shenanigans. :) Sound: Mini remix of Some Lovin' by Lenno

And, since I'm tired of the Fall/Winter 2016 playlist, here's Spring 2017! Spring came early for you guys. :)


Alright, real talk, NYE had some crazy events and was pretty intense in terms of meta, philosophical thoughts. Witnessed a homeless man intentionally cage himself in (homelessness is its own kind of prison!), and then a pigeon egg fell from the heavens (ok, metro station rafters). #miracleofbirth. Matthew tried to take it home and incubate it, but it never hatched. The pigeon probably dumped it on purpose, 'cas she knew it was a bad egg.


Museums are always fun! Especially when there's interactive art. #spaghettiforever

When you find a painting of yourself, made in the 1800s...! I had to do some hella double-take. So cool! This lady's essence = me. So good!

I find these truths (opinions) to be self-evident:



Kittens, hikes, Cirque du Solil... some nice goodies:

Yes, I had the Pokemon Go frap. And yes, it was delicious. #endscene