Ana + David

SO! These two got married like, ok, over a year ago. And I'm finally able to post the blog, 'cas I just finished their anniversary gift, yay! Check out my dorky little video below. We lucked out hardcore on their wedding day with the weather... Of course it was sunny the week before and week after, but the days around their wedding, SoCal decided to take a bath. Still, the rain cleared up just long enough for us to grab some photos in between being inside anyway! I love these two, and can't wait to visit them on the east coast (but not in winter, no thank youuu, I can hardly handle SoCal "winter").

At any rate, it's hard to be a photographer and videographer AND guest at a wedding, but I wouldn't have things any other way. I got to put my camera down here and there to enjoy the party, don't you worry! ;)

xoxo, Alexis

Just a little video I threw together for one of my BFF's wedding day. It was so darling, and... Ahhh! The pouring rain let up just long enough to accommodate the festivities. Happy 1.08-year anniversary! haha here's your gift ;) I love you two so much, enjoy!

Song Credit: "Down With You", by David's band, Biscuits & Gravy!