What a beautiful day of photography! The weather was less-than-compliant for the majority of the day (rain! Cameras do not like rain)... But it cleared out by the end and gave us a perfect sunset.

Got to have a nice little photoshoot day with these two! We almost got rained out... And kind of got rained on... And I kind of had too much caffeine and didn't feel the greatest that day and was super shaky... BUT! We still had fun and I got a little bit of good footy. It's all in good fun and practice to get out there!

I got to photograph the most darling Cinderella-themed Quinceañera! This family went over the top with all of the perfect little details. Check out those sneakers--Corrine designed them! She looked gorgeous, and got to spend her big day with her adoring family and friends. What more could a girl need? The background song for this one is Corrine singing to her dad for her presentation. Adorable, right? Totally didn't catch dad shedding a tear or two on camera ;) Anyway, happy birthday (ok, by now it's a half-birthday haha) Corrine!

I got to shoot on an absolutely perfect, warm November day with five beee-aaa-utiful women in Agoura Hills. Here's the adventure vid! Song: Say Lou Lou's amazeballs version of Stayin' Alive.

This was a beautiful celebration for a monumental achievement! Otis, along with his friends and family, celebrated his well-earned 90th birthday down in Laguna Beach. I swear the weather behaved just for his big day! He had a few special groups of guests, including the kids from the camp at USC he helped put into action, and --of course!-- the USC marching band! Otis is a sweet man, with a heart as gold as the USC emblem, and an inspiration to many. :) Song: Dispatch: Only the Wild Ones

So! Tara, Kat, and I spent a (very chilly) day hiking around in Thousand Oaks (I will NEVER bring so much stuff with me ever againnnn hahaha) and here's the video/shots to prove it! I also threw in some faves from both Tara and Kat at the end. I think it's super important for photographers to be photographed by other photographers--it gives you a glimpse into the probable terror your clients feel at sessions until you get them properly warmed up ;)

When these cuties hit me up for a family holiday session, I was more than excited. I adored photographing them at their wedding and always love to spend more time with them. Then! They brought their beautiful friends along. How darling are they all together?

I got to do a sweet little holiday family session with these wonderful women! Mercy has always been a mentor of mine, and I've loved seeing her take on ever more impressive roles in the world. Additionally, it's been amazing seeing her daughter grow up into such a cool young lady! :)

My good friend Sarah makes cool things! Go check out her shop: I made a teeny video for her while we did some promos for her wares. Song is a remix of Metric's cover of Don't Think Twice.

I got to take these cutie pies on a hike for Fall family photos! How adorable is this little family?? Hehe Song: Boom Clap (cover) by Lennon & Maisy

I got to spend a lovely little afternoon with these two beautiful people, getting serenaded the whole way. While for this adventure, I was just shooting promotional portraits for them to use on Instagram, Facebook, etc., I also had a little fun on the side shooting a micro promo vid. I can't wait to work with them sometime in the future! They're the best, go check 'em out! Song: Something Calling by Those Folk

I got to take a little reel of this beauty during our whimsical photoshoot in the final few weeks before her due date! She was such a trooper, hiking all over the place and generally just putting up with a shoot in an already overwhelming stage of pregnancy. Sydney sunshine has since been born, so... Happy baby, Krissy! :) Song: You and I by Crystal Fighters