Bohemian Maternity Bliss with Krissy - July 2016

Hey all! June was a quiet month as far as shooting goes. On to July! First up is a beautiful bohemian maternity session with my friend Krissy. Let me just tell you... she is such a trooper! I'm sure all women doing maternity sessions are, but this girl was hiking all over and doing all sorts of fun stuff with me for our shoot... And it all came out gorgeous on this warm summer morning. Check it out:

I got to take a little reel of this beauty during our whimsical photoshoot in the final few weeks before her due date! She was such a trooper, hiking all over the place and generally just putting up with a shoot in an already overwhelming stage of pregnancy. Sydney sunshine has since been born, so... Happy baby, Krissy! :) Song: You and I by Crystal Fighters

If you'd like some content-appropriate tuneage while you peruse the photos:

Krissy (and I) were super stoked on this fur-lined leather coat she picked up at a thrift store, and wanted to take more pics with it... but as it was summer, we decided a few should suffice. This tree is super meaningful to her, so we made sure to climb it :)

Krissy and Bob have put sooo much love into all of the beautiful little details of their home in the woods. It's my dream oasis-- clean, homey, bohemian, whimsical, and never boring. Ah! #lifegoals.

That skate deck... Totally TBT photo of the year!

Happy baby, Krissy! <3