Tehra and James - Woodland Hills Country Club - July 2016

I got the opportunity to second shoot a beautiful wedding for the amazing Stacy Keck out at the Woodland Hills Country Club back in July (click her name to scope her work out!). Here's a look at how my day went along... Let's start with some video!

I got the opportunity to second shoot for a fabulous photographer, Stacy Keck! Thera and James were amazing--I had fun being the designated groomsmen documenter as well. Ha! The wedding happened in the midst of a giant fire back in July out in Woodland Hills... You can see chunks of ashes all over the place in the images. I feel like it's finally not "too soon" to say "their love was on fiyaaa!" Enjoy the video! Song - All Eyes on You by St. Lucia

For your listening pleasure, some mellow tunes while you scroll:

Ok, let's talk details to start. Those shoes, though! <3

As a second shooter, I usually get put in charge of the boys, which is fine by me. Groomsmen can be very sassy and entertaining, and every wedding is so different! This particular time around, each of the groomsmen took turns dressing our humble and handsome groom--each had their own adornment, from cufflinks, to suspenders, to the bow tie:

Those sweet little moments before the first look or the ceremony...

The anticipation of that first look!

Bridal party portraits! I got the cutest footage of the bridesmaids doing (ok, failing at) the "jump" portraits, you can scope it in the video up at the top. :)

Don't let the boys' occasional serious expressions fool you... They were big goofballs.

A very small idea of what the fire was like...

Family portraits... boys will be boys, right??

This kid got tha moves like Jagger (the rooster, at least!):

Ceremony time!

The fires got so bad, ash was raining down during the ceremony. You can spot a few speckles on the officiant's coat and on the groom!

When a kid decides the exact moment he wants to get up and run around in the aisle is for the big kiss... The primary photographer's gotta do what she's gotta do and it was all I could do to snap the circus, ha! #photographernightmares

The lighting for the bride and groom portraits was unreal. <3

While I love the soft tones these edits provide for their skin and the grass...

...the edits totally washed out the amazing sunset! So, dive in. Enjoy those vibes.

It's time to dance!

The end! <3