July 2016 in Review

Alright, I know, I'm far behind. It's nearly 2017 and here I am, posting July... Oh well. #lifegoals to get caught up. ;) Here's a wee look at a few things I did in July. PS--there's no June in review, since I fell off the face of the earth that month I guess. Ha!

For your listening pleasure. I do these mixes once every few seasons. I'm such an audiophile though that I may start having to do them seasonally... Feel free to follow them on Spotify--they encompass mostly new music that catches my ear, but the occasional throwback too. And generally, the songs are in no particular order... So feel free to hit shuffle and be on witcha bad self.

I took a less-than-24-hour trip out to Palm Springs for 4th of July with my mans, as the kids call SOs these days. Didn't make it to the fireworks, we were too tired from our revelry at the Hard Rock Cafe, but they had the lobby dressed to the NINES.

I love the USA.

That there was straight-to-Instagram fodder. Here are a few snaps from our perusal of downtown Palm Springs.

I really liked those stairs. One of the many midcentury modern buildings in Palm Springs. <3

Anyway, this month I also took my first foray into food photography. I took some pics for a friend's family business, called Cali Waffle. Dude, it was so hard not to eat all the samples. It was like 8am so, ice cream waffles and what not wasn't really what I shoulda been noshing on.