K + K - August, 2016

I met these two on a whim, wing, and a prayer-- their wedding photographer had an unforeseen emergency and I was magically available that day... and it was seriously meant to be! I've never met another couple quite like these two. Their lust for life, laughter, and absolute love for each other are infectious. I've gotten to hang out a few times with them now, and it's gross (in the best way!!!) how in love and adorable they are. Anyway, on to the pics! And the adventure vid!

I had the best day photographing these two. It couldn't be more clear how IN LOVE they are! They were such good sports all day, even when we all got drenched in some big waves at the beach. I had a wonderful time shooting this wedding, and my face seriously hurt from working on the video from smiling so much!

A little tuneage for the journey on down the page. <3

Getting ready!




Seriously--these two were the most adventurous couple I've had so far. We literally got drenched by a giant wave trying to run across a couple banks down at the beach... We got sand in places we didn't know we could get sand. Onlookers were freaking out about her dress, to which she calmly stated that there's always drycleaning! Serious photographer dream come true. These two were totally unafraid to be in the beautiful moment, and to deal with clothing details later. <3 We started out at Heisler Park and then shimmied our way down to Montage Beach... Swoon. 

One of the first intimate little moments they had to themselves after the ceremony, until we could get them out and about for their portrait session! 

She did NOT want him to take off his cute lil' bowtie... He won. Ha!

FIN! <3