Yeah Field Trip! Days 1 + 2 (Part 1) - February 2016

For the second year in a row, I was, as we at Field Trip say, "#blessed" to attend Yeah Field Trip, in the gorgeous canyon of El Capitan Campground, Santa Barbara. To get those of you unfamiliar with Field Trip up to speed--picture 400+ creatives all convening to learn and play and network and learn some more and vaycay a little bit. This year, I opted to take more pictures, participate more, and to be good and take some practical classes as well.

A few of the classes I took this year focused on videography--unfortunately, I didn't follow the advice to make videos shorter... This time. There was just too much good stuff to do and see, it would have broken my heart to make it short! Here's a video of my time, with pictures to follow. Please keep in mind that I did participate in a few boudoir shoots--though the majority of the footage is G-rated, there are a few moments in there that border NSFW. It's a long one, but I hope you spend some time watching to the end! 

Yahoo! Here's a (rather long, sorry) video documenting my journey at Field Trip 2016, held in the El Capitan hillsides of Santa Barbara, CA. Blog post is to follow, but essentially Field Trip is a kumbaya of an event, spanning the length of 5-ish days, where photographic and other related creatives coalesce to shoot, learn, network, dance, and broaden their horizons. This year, I concentrated more on participating in photoshoots and taking some video classes. While video has been a big learning curve, it was great learning from some mad geniuses! I hope you take the 8 minutes out of your day and view the full thing. *Side note-- I participated in some boudoir shoots, so there are a few images that are semi NSFW, beware!* Not sure what the quality is going to be, since I had to resize down for Vimeo... At any rate, song credits to Phantogram (Don't Move) and Odesza (Say My Name ft. Zyra) Enjoy!

This year, there were some issues with the tents, so I got upgraded to a cabin! Unfortunately, that cabin was reeeeeally far away from all the action (and I didn't find the shortcut until the literal very last 15 minutes of the entire trip), so let's just say my fitbit logged its fair share of steps that week. Still, I was thankful, it was fun getting to know all my cabin mates!

We feasted like kings and queens all weekend! And were welcomed by a fabulous speech by Kevin Hanline. You can see a little bit of it in the video above! I also got the learning started with a motivational-ish music photography speech by the hilarious and extra sassy Mike Lerner.

The next morning, I volunteered to be a model (!!!) for a shoot with the badass Hailley Howard, hence the lack of photos of said shoot. While I was not excited to just get a few hours of sleep, wake up at 4:30 to hike a mile down a hill for hair and makeup... I'd do it again in a heartbeat. There are some gorgeous images of me out there, some of which are #flawless AND SHOT WITH FILM. I don't know how these wizards do it.

Anyway, on the way to breakfast, I got to see the wolf ambassadors of Project Wildsong for the first time-- more on them in another post soon (Field Trip days 2+3). Here are some previews of their amazingness, though:

(I agree, buddy. It was definitely too early to be awake.)

My morning class session was spent with the fabulous Autumn Beury, playing with trash and glass and other fun toys. We did an engagement-themed shoot, and messed around with a 6-foot table full of nicknacks to enhance our photos with some wierdness. 

I took a few other classes that day, including a class on the daily struggle with the ahhh-mazing Dan O'Day, and a couple of video classes, one with the Cana brothers and one with Andrew Hardy, whose class was EVERYTHING I needed. There was a little bit of exploration time (I'm still kicking myself for not climbing the mystery tube INTO the mirrored house) until the sunset boudoir shoot with Hailley (coming, part two to this post!)