Yeah Field Trip! Days 1 + 2 (Part 2) - February, 2016

Hello again! This here is a continuation of Days 1 + 2, Part 1

So let's get to it, eh? The end of day two included a grand 'ole adventure down to the rocky shore of El Capitan Canyon, Santa Barbara, for a sunset/night boudoir shoot. Yes! New things for me. Of course I lugged a tripod around all day long, and no flash, didn't need a tripod, needed a flash. Life. Anyway, this boudoir set is pretty PG to PG-13, but you probably shouldn't be viewing at work, unless you have a sneaky screen shade thing or if your screen faces away from the foot traffic... ! 

I was so impressed with our models this evening. All three of them gorgeous gals killed it! So fierce, and confident, and all three brought something exciting to the beach. Extra mad props to miss Cheyenne (nude/maroon lace)--she is on some other planetary level of self love and body positivity. All of us (men included!) can learn a thing or two from her. And Hailley Howard, our fearless leader!

And that concludes the photography for night one! We had a guest lecturer at dinner, but I have since lost track of his name. He was from Ireland or something of that nature, and he was hilarious. It was like having a live podcast while you feasted. 

Alright, folks, be on the lookout for the post(s) on days 3-5, coming soon! Those days will have a sunrise boudoir session, more wolfies, another mini-boudoir sunset session, and some other explorations and antics.