L + T - Ramona, CA, August 2016

Back for another go-- I got the opportunity to work with the wonderful Ladybird Pictures again, this time in Ramona, CA. The venue was all kinds of adorable! Not only was the venue full of all sorts of special little details that made it super unique and fun, but the bridal details were equally impressive in this category! I was definitely in love with the whole scene. You can check it all out below. Let's start with the adventure vid!

Getting ready:

The beautiful bridesmaids and our bride--

This lucky lady got the designer to make a custom dress just for her! That floral though. Swoon.
Here's our charming groom:

And of course I had to sneaky sneak the cute little portrait I took of the day's primary shooter! ;) The light was too dreamy.


Ok, folks. Check out these details. From the quirky little details from the site, to the bridal florals and decor, I was allllll about it.

That sweet little house dog! There were actually a few of these four-leggers keeping us company throughout the day. Next, a nice little lounge area nestled away from the action. Last, a psychologist's cranial sculpture in the gal's getting ready room. Ha!

I loved the idea of the personalized mugs for their guests! "Cheers Bitches!" 

First Look:


Bride and Groom:


Last frame of the night is actually above--the cup with the special guest (Mr. Slug)! Precious.