Welcome, Baby Haylee! + September 2016 in Review

Moving right along, yeah? Yeah! September was a pretty quiet month on the photography front, with one shoot and one adventure, for the most part. Let's get the party started with the adorable newborn that is Haylee. I can't believe it's almost time for her next shoot!

... And of course Emma had to get in on the photoshoot action. And of course I couldn't resist her charms! :) Big sis just wanted to read her little sis a book and jump and play!

And since I never got a proper ring shot at the wedding (it was my first one after all! Many moons ago...), we took a few with the wee baby toes. :)

Ok! Next, just a few iPhone photos that made their way primetime this month. Definite "COME BACK HERE, SUMMER!!" vibes and design:

Last, I went on a little trip to LA to check out the Hammer Museum with my Lady Tribe. The last of the Summer 2016 adventures; here's the video in case you missed it:

Just a handful of adventures from Summer, 2016. We've got a micro 4th of July in Palm Springs adventure, a lifestyle shoot with the gorgeous Laura, a trip to the Hammer Museum with the squad, and a small afternoon on the Santa Monica Pier. Enjoy, friends! Song: Lonely Cities by Tigertown

Although there was a show going on preventing us from checking out the rest of the already pretty small Hammer (it was a pretty awesome show!), we managed to see the following art... And I made my own commentary art on the blending of time and culture with the native dress + iPhone usage...