December In Review 2016 + LA Birthday Adventure

Hey hey! The December 2016 in review is petite, as most of what was photographed were adventures :) So the only review photo I have for you friends today is this fun little one: 

The birthday goods are next! First, the video (bday adventure starts at the end):

Yessiree bob! OMG who even says that anymore? Ok, anyway, here's the Fall Adventures showcase #2! This one features a couple LA adventures with a few of my favorite people. The absolute artistic showcasing perfection that is The Broad is featured, as well as my 29th bday with a couple of the squad up at Angel City Brewing! I had never been before; it's a super cozy venue. :) Song: I did a remix-sorta of Breezeblocks by Alt-J... trippy, ya?

And I'll let you all do a scrolly-scroll through das fotos:

True story, so Arts District Brewing is amazing and commented on my photo on instagram--so, I learned the Pegasus's name is Sassy. <3

So, December's a wrap! Stay tuned for the San Fran adventure post, and 2016 is d.o.n.e. Yaaaas!