Ice Cream Museum!


Like any good millennial hipster photographer, I jumped at the chance for tickies to go to the Ice Cream Museum when it was here in LA. It was a hot-t-t day in June, and it was worth it. I love this kind of thing, it's like being a kid in Chuckie Cheeze! As an artist, I totes appreciate all the attention to detail, too. I can't wait to do more of these types of experiences; I think they're definitely worth the admission to spend an afternoon just being a goofball. I got to take my photog-friend Vanessa along for the ride, too. We had a great lil date! 

I need more experiences like this in my life! I love immersive art collectives like Ice Cream Museum--it just really makes you feel like a kid again! I had fun kicking it with fellow photog Vanessa :) Check out our adventure! Remix: It's Strange - Louis the Child ft. K.

I knew y'all were over that Spring 17 Playlist. Here, have some fresh tuneage:

Here are a few of my friend Vanessa's photos! Some featuring yours truly!! hehe