Desert Trip || July 2017

Matthew and I took a quick trip out to the desert for some exploration and fun. Our two adventure goals, the Palm Springs Zoo and the Mirror House were both, as we sadly and quickly discovered, out of the picture. Having already done the Aerial Tram (which was also down for the count that day), we settled on lunch downtown and a quick jaunt through the sands for as long as we could stand the heat! We saw some interesting things (and people)... Below is the Summer mini adventures vid for your eyeball pleasure, and of course the summer 2017 slaylist. Enjoiiii

Whew! I'm getting caught up slowly but surely on my backlog. Here's an adventure vid dedicated to summer 2017 (yes, yes I know haha): I flew cross-country for the first time to Orlando to work for the amazeeee Hailley Howard, then did a lil mini adventure to the desert with Matthew, went to Universal studios for the first time, then went on a couple of micro adventures - one to the lake in Echo Park and another one taking the Metro out to Culver City just for fun.

While I'm at it, here's the rest of the iPhone July fun--some furry cuties: