Yeah Field Trip! Days 3-5 (Part 1) - February 2016

Alrighty, friends! This post is a continuation of the last two posts about Field Trip. For a blurb about what it is, check out part 1. Or just check out part 2 while you're at it for some pretty sights.

This post is definitely NSFW. Be aware if you are at work, or easily offended by the female figure. While I would hope none of my readers would take offense to this post, if you are that type--that's ok! Just click "back" and go to another blog post. :) This is a sunrise boudoir session on the beach, and while the models have clothing covering all of the bits, some of the clothing is a bit see-through.

Here's a party gnome to guide your eyes back to safety.

In case you missed it, here's my video. I worked hard on it! I know it's long, but it's satisfying for all the feels, whether you've been to Field Trip or daydream about it.

Yahoo! Here's a (rather long, sorry) video documenting my journey at Field Trip 2016, held in the El Capitan hillsides of Santa Barbara, CA. Blog post is to follow, but essentially Field Trip is a kumbaya of an event, spanning the length of 5-ish days, where photographic and other related creatives coalesce to shoot, learn, network, dance, and broaden their horizons. This year, I concentrated more on participating in photoshoots and taking some video classes. While video has been a big learning curve, it was great learning from some mad geniuses! I hope you take the 8 minutes out of your day and view the full thing. *Side note-- I participated in some boudoir shoots, so there are a few images that are semi NSFW, beware!* Not sure what the quality is going to be, since I had to resize down for Vimeo... At any rate, song credits to Phantogram (Don't Move) and Odesza (Say My Name ft. Zyra) Enjoy!

Long story short on this sunrise session: I was so exhausted by this point due to miles and miles of trudging and lack of sleep. On two wings and a few prayers, I got out of bed. I got dressed. I glanced at the clock. Ugh. So early. I'll never make it down there on time.... So, not one to cave in and accept FOMO, I decided to go for it. I figured I'd rather have 15 minutes of shooting than none at all. So what happened? I magically caught a golf cart headed down yonder mile(s) to the beach. Boom. We get down there and the class had started late. The lecture portion was just wrapping. I had the full time to shoot. And the following is the beautiful, muse-y fruit of that leap of faith:

Ash was fierce. Those vintage camera tats! Those piercing eyes. I had fun playing around with some lens toys. And then... Sometimes, you get to a shoot, and some place, thing, or person becomes your muse. This is that person, this is that place, and that outfit(!!) is that thing. Click. Sarah killed it. It was my Victoria's Secret model photographer moment.

If you've made it this far... You can pick your jaws up off the floor now. ;)
A HUGE-MONGOUS thank you to the models! You gals put up with a lot with all of us clicking away. I know exactly what you went through. haha! xo