Yeah Field Trip! Days 3-5 (Part 2) - February 2016

Whew! What a ride. Here's the final installment of blogs about Yeah Field Trip, 2016. If you missed anything, here you can find the super cool video, or Part 1/Days 1-2, or Part 2/Days 1-2, or Part 1/Days 3-5. Lots of great stuff! This particular post covers the tail end (pun kinda intended, there are wolfy pictures in this one) of my wonderful journey a bit north to Santa Barbara. Enjoy! I can't wait until next year, seriously.

I loved hanging out with Project Wildsong! Go check them out, seriously. They do some great work. Look at these gorgeous wolves! Below: 

No big deal, just a wolf standing on my shoulders.

So, that's a wrap on the wolfy goodness. Following are some snaps of some details of the campgrounds (a tattoo artist!! me inside a hula hoop with my custom screenprinted shirt!), the journey toward getting our full "family portrait" on, and playing around at the beach.

A couple of friends and I did an impromptu mini boudoir session in the groves during sunset. (These are PG-13 or so, but probably not suitable for work. :) )

The last of our evenings, I attended a funny panel on photography disasters... Check out the bonus footy at the end of the adventure video for a nice sampling of the discussion had. ;)

The Cereal From A Van folks were back! Looking prophetic as ever in their snuggy presenting a cereal van of wares.

Closing remarks always get everyone feeling all the feels.

And a few details as I was shipping out. I hope you enjoyed my four-part journey through Field Trip 2016! <3

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